Fuzzy Dinosaurs?

Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

by Ken Ham on March 15, 2023

Part 3


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Yesterday we discovered that so-called “feathered dinosaurs” fit into either one of two groups. The first group is birds that evolutionists remarkably call dinosaurs. So, what’s the second group?

Well, that’s the “fuzzy dinosaurs.” These are fossils of true dinosaurs found with a “fuzz” on them. Now, this “fuzz” is far from feathers—it doesn’t have the complex branching structure of a feather. So, what is it?

It’s likely this fuzz is partially decayed collagen—a connective tissue.

So, feathered dinosaurs are either: actually birds or fossils with decayed collagen giving the fossils a fuzzy appearance.

Dinosaurs with feathers have never been found!

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