Only Two Options?

Logical Fallacies to Watch for

by Ken Ham on December 2, 2022

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, author of the practical book on godly parenting, Will They Stand?


Today we’re wrapping up our series on logical fallacies with “the fallacy of bifurcation.” Now, this is when someone claims there are only two mutually exclusive options when there’s actually a third one.

An example: “Either you believe in science, or you have faith.” That’s bifurcation. You see, there’s a third option: we have faith in God and believe in the natural laws he’s set up to govern the universe. In fact, it’s only because God exists that we have a basis for natural laws in the first place!

Immaterial laws can’t exist in a material universe. Also, order doesn’t come from disorder.

So, if someone presents you with two options, stop and consider—is there a third?

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