Cavemen or Men Who Lived in Caves?

An Ice Age?

by Ken Ham on December 7, 2022

Part 3



This is Ken Ham, CEO of the ministry behind the popular Answers VBS curriculum.


Most people think of cavemen as sub-humans who bumbled about, grunting and hitting things with clubs. But when we understand biblical history, we have a very different perspective on so-called “cavemen.”

As people refilled the earth after the global flood, they met a wide variety of challenges—including an ice age caused by the effects of the flood. Trying to survive in this harsh, unstable world, people did what people in challenging environments still do today: they made use of whatever they could find for food and shelter. Caves made an ideal place to set up a temporary camp.

So, cavemen were simply men and women, just like us, who lived in caves!

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