Was the Ark Just a Myth?

Was There Really a Noah’s Ark?

by Ken Ham on July 5, 2022

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This is Ken Ham, with the ministry that built a full-size, family friendly Noah’s Ark.


This week marks the six-year anniversary of the opening of the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky. Wow!

Now, many people think of Noah’s ark and the flood as just a cute children’s story. But that’s not how the Bible treats it!

You see, Genesis was written as history, with the events given as if, well, that’s how they actually happened! Jesus and the apostles also talk about Noah’s flood as a real event in history.

And evidence for a global flood is all around us. Rock layers across continents, fossils of sea creatures on the tops of mountains, rapid burial of billions of creatures—all leftovers from the flood.

No, Noah’s ark wasn’t just a story. It was a real event.

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