Prenatal Tests—They Aren’t Accurate!

Answering Objections to the Prolife View

by Ken Ham on August 15, 2022

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This is Ken Ham, author of the eye-opening book Six Days and Church Compromise.


Some women choose to have prenatal genetic tests done while they’re pregnant. These tests claim to reveal if a baby is at risk of being born with a rare genetic disorder. Well, such tests are only about eight-five percent accurate . . . at best! And yet many parents—often at the advice of a doctor—decide to end their child’s life based on these tests!

But even if the tests were always right, would it be okay to abort the baby? Absolutely not! That baby is a person, made in God’s image.

Just as we would be horrified if a family killed a toddler who became disabled, so we should be horrified at the thought of killing an unborn child with a disability.

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