One-Pound Wonder

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Ken Ham on August 11, 2022

Part 9



This is Ken Ham, head of the ministry that built a full-size Noah’s Ark south of Cincinnati.


Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our series on the development of an unborn baby through birth. But before we get there, consider the baby’s pre-birth lifeline—the placenta.

This is the baby’s first organ, and it functions as the lungs, kidneys, liver, digestive tract, and immune system up until birth.

The placenta begins to form at just five days of life. And it’s not part of the mother’s body. How it can even implant without mom’s immune system attacking the baby is still a mystery. But this truth completely defeats the “my body, my choice” argument.

The baby is not an extension of the mother’s body. He or she is distinct and must be protected by the amazing placenta.

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