Comets—Evidence for the Bible?

Geology—Evidence of a Young Earth

by Ken Ham on May 19, 2022

Part 4



This is Ken Ham, CEO of the ministry that built a full-size Noah’s ark south of Cincinnati.


Our solar system is full of chunks of dust and ice called comets. As these comets orbit the sun, the ice evaporates, and the dust forms a beautiful tail. As this happens, the comet gets smaller and eventually it disappears.

Now, this means all of the comets in our solar system can’t have lasted for more than a few million years. But they’re still here!

Secular astronomers claim that comets are produced far out in the solar system, perhaps in the so-called Oort cloud. But they have no evidence for the existence of any such place!

The universe isn’t billions of years old! Comets were made by God and they’re only a few thousand years old.

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