Comets—Evidence for a Young Universe?

10 Best Evidences for a Young Earth

by Ken Ham on January 26, 2022

Part 8



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All through history, people have been awed by the sight of a comet with its long, glowing tail. A comet is basically a ball of ice and dust. As it passes close to the sun, solar radiation blasts away part of the comet, leaving behind a beautiful tail. So every time the comet passes close to the sun, it gets smaller.

Now of course that means comets don’t last forever, and yet we still have plenty of comets. That’s a problem if you believe in millions of years. So evolutionists propose a cloud somewhere past Pluto that creates these comets. But there’s just no evidence for it!

Comets are part of a young universe, just like we’d expect starting with God’s Word.

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