Dinosaurs—Where’d They Go?

Dinosaurs—a Mystery?

by Ken Ham on September 23, 2021

Part 4



This is Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis and the popular Ark Encounter attraction.


Yesterday, we learned dinosaurs were on Noah’s ark. So, what happened to them?

Well, those not on the ark drowned and many were buried, becoming fossils. You see, their fossils aren’t millions of years old; they’re from the flood just a few thousand years ago.

But what about the dinosaurs on the ark? Well, after the flood, they began to spread out around the world. But the world was very different, and the flood was soon followed by an ice age. Changes in the climate and the environment probably killed off some dinosaurs. Others were killed by people for food or in self-defense. They probably died out for the same reasons creatures today go extinct!

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