Dinosaurs—Created by God?

Dinosaurs—a Mystery?

by Ken Ham on September 20, 2021

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This is Ken Ham, co-author of the eye-opening book on Noah’s flood A Flood of Evidence.


Dinosaurs. The word brings up images of huge beasts, volcanos, and an exotic lost world. But is that an accurate picture of these extinct reptiles?

Well, to properly understand anything, we must start with the Bible’s history. That foundational history explains the world around us—including, yes, dinosaurs.

You see, the Bible teaches that all land creatures were created on day six. By definition, dinosaurs are land creatures. So, if all the land creatures were created on day six and dinosaurs were land creatures, then dinosaurs were created on day six.

Now, Adam and Eve were also created on day six. That means humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time!

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