It’s an Authority Issue

Did God Use the Big Bang?

by Ken Ham on December 3, 2021

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, inviting you to have an encounter with God’s Word at the Ark Encounter.


This week we’ve seen biblical and scientific reasons to reject the big bang. Well, here’s one more reason: biblical authority.

You see, the Bible is clear on origins. When we adopt the ideas of our day, like the big bang, we’re making man the authority. To accept the big bang, we must reinterpret God’s clear Word to accommodate man’s ideas.

When Christians add the big bang, evolution, and millions of years into the Bible, they’re making man, not God, the authority. It’s a compromise with man’s ideas! And where do you stop compromising?

Instead of compromising on the truth of God’s Word, we must allow God to be the authority in all areas.

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