A Famine in the Land

Is Morality Relative?

by Ken Ham on June 22, 2021

Part 2



This is Ken Ham, editor of the exposé, Glass House: Shattering the Myth of Evolution.


Yesterday we learned that most of today’s young people believe morality changes over time. This moral relativism results in everyone doing what’s right in their own eyes. And this thinking isn’t just in the culture. It’s in the church, too!

This is a consequence of a famine in the land—a famine of “the hearing of the words of the Lord.” But how has this happened? Well, many churches have watered down the teaching of the Word. Instead, they focus on experiences or entertaining people.

And this directs focus away from God’s Word and doesn’t give people an authoritative foundation to stand on. Instead, it’s just about having another and better experience.

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