Fossils—They Formed Very Fast!

on April 14, 2021

Part 3



This is Ken Ham, author of the best-selling book The Lie and creator of Answers.TV.


Fossils point to rapid burial—not slow and gradual processes. For example, there are millions of fossils clams. And many of these clams are found fossilized in the closed position—that means they were buried alive and too deep to burrow out!

We also find fossils of jellyfish. But jellyfish dry out within minutes; their fossils must’ve been buried quickly.

Fossils that stretch through multiple layers also exist—and that points to the rock layers being laid down one after the other, but not over long periods of time.

The fossil record doesn’t point to slow, gradual processes. It points to a watery, global catastrophe—Noah’s flood.

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