Not-So-Nutty Squirrels


Part 2



This is Ken Ham, CEO of the global apologetics ministry of Answers in Genesis.


We’ve all smiled at the antics of squirrels in our backyard. While they may seem a bit nutty to us, they’ve actually been brilliantly designed.

Squirrels are very resourceful. They’re able to chew holes in trees to make a home … or even dry out mushrooms to make “mushroom jerky” for a quick snack.

Squirrels also hide thousands of nuts to last all winter. And, to avoid another animal stealing their stash, they’ll pretend to bury nuts to distract from the real burial site. They even know to bite the embryo of a white oak acorn before they bury it, so it can’t sprout and ruin their future meal!

We see God’s design everywhere we look in the incredible creatures he’s made.

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