Not Enough Sediment on the Seafloor


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This is Ken Ham, head of the apologetics ministry that built a full-size Noah’s Ark.


Wind and water will erode dirt … and rock debris … off the continents into the ocean. Now, if erosion has been going on for billions of years, there should be miles of sediment on the seafloor. But … there’s not.

On average, there’s just over one thousand feet.

Based on today’s rates, that could all accumulate in just twelve million years—not that I believe that, either. And there’s evidence that rates were faster in the past. So that makes the problem worse for the evolutionist!

But, when we start with God’s Word, we know that there was a global flood. And it dramatically changed how fast sediments were laid down!

The lack of sediment it’s a problem for evolutionists.

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