Love … It Has No Age?


Part 5



This is Ken Ham, inviting you to visit the full-size Noah’s Ark attraction in Northern Kentucky.


Yesterday we talked about the ethic of “love wins.” It’s a popular phrase in support of so-called gay “marriage”—but where do you draw the line? If “love wins,” why stop at two people? And why stop with adults?

We’re increasingly seeing a push for the normalization of pedophilia. For a few days last year, the social media site Snapchat had a filter that said “love has no age”—clearly an attempt to normalize adult-child relationships. Because, after all, if people love one another, how can anyone say it’s wrong?

But we can say it’s wrong because God’s Word is our foundation! And it clearly defines—and limits—our sexuality to one man and one woman, in a covenant relationship.

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