Where Are the Floodwaters?



This is Ken Ham, one of the authors of the book on Noah’s flood called called A Flood of Evidence .


After the flood, where did all the water go? Well, it’s still here!

Seventy percent of our planet is covered in water. Now, the floodwaters can be found in our oceans today. There’s still so much water that if you lowered the mountains and raised the ocean trenches, there’s more than enough to cover the whole globe.

One of the psalms says that, after the flood, the mountains rose and the valleys sank. And we know from geology that our world didn’t always look like it does now. For example, there was originally no Mount Everest. It was created by geologic processes during the flood.

As the mountains rose and valleys sank, water rushed into the ocean basins, where it is today.

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