More than One Word of God?

Counterfeit Christianity

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This is Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, Ark Encounter, and Creation Museum.


When you start with God’s Word, there’s no escaping the truth that there’s only one God. And that salvation is found in none other than in his Son, Jesus. Sadly, though, 20 percent of twentysomethings in the church think that other holy books are inspired by God. They don’t view God’s Word as the authority, thus many believe there are other ways to heaven.

But the Bible claims to be the only true Word of God.

When evaluating other religions, ask what they think of God’s Word. Many have added to it with other books that contradict the Bible. But we’re told not to add to God’s Word, and if something contradicts Scripture, it can’t be from God!

We need to stand on Scripture alone.

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