God’s Judgment—It’s a Sure Thing!

Consequences of Creation

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This is Ken Ham, on a mission to call the church back to God’s Word and the gospel.


When God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden he told him to eat freely from any tree except one—or he’d die. Adam and his wife rebelled against God and ate from that tree.

God’s judgment was swift—they were kicked out of the Garden, creation was cursed, and eventually they died. God didn’t overlook their sin—he judged it, just like he said he would.

Whenever we see death, we should remember that God judges sin, and the judgment is death. Just as surely as God judged Adam and Eve’s sin, so he’ll judge our sin. But he’s made a way of escape. He promised Adam and Eve that a Savior was coming … and that Savior is Jesus Christ.

And I urge you today—repent and trust in Jesus and be saved!

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