Work as Worship

It’s a Good Thing!

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Part 3



This is Ken Ham, a publisher of the apologetics, award-winning family magazine Answers.


This week we’ve learned that work is a good thing, designed by God for us to do from the beginning. But we also saw that because of sin, work is hard—and doesn’t always feel like a good thing.

Even in a cursed and groaning world, our work can bring glory to God.

When we use the talents and the intellect God has given us, we bring glory to him.

So, in our work, we’re copying our Creator—the One who made and sustains the universe. When we work with the attitude that we’re serving the Lord no matter what we do, we bring glory to him.

Even though work can be hard, we can find joy in our jobs, as we seek to glorify our Creator by doing our jobs well.

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