Why Can’t We Just All Get Along?

This Isn’t the World God Made!

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This is Ken Ham, inviting your family to visit the Ark Encounter, south of Cincinnati.


People often wonder why there’s so much hate in our world. Why’s there racism, wars, and acts of violence?

Well, we find the answer in God’s Word. And it’s a short answer—sin!

You see, originally, God’s creation was “very good.” Adam and Eve lived in perfect harmony with one another and with God and with his creation.

But sin changed everything. Because of their rebellion, we all have sin natures. And this sin nature often manifests itself in hatred of others.

People hope for world peace. Ultimately, peace only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s the gospel that brings peace! And someday, those who’ve trusted in Christ will dwell in peace for all eternity.

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