Reversing the Effects of the Curse

It’s a Good Thing!

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Part 4



This is Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis and the world-class Creation Museum.


All week we’ve been looking at work. We’ve learned it’s a good thing, but work can be hard because of sin. Yet we can use work to help reverse some of the effects of the Curse.

By using our God-given intellect and creativity, we can develop ways to make it easier to accomplish our job of stewarding creation—even in a broken world.

Think of all the inventions that make our lives easier and help us fight the Curse. These are good things. They help us work to serve our neighbors—and serve the Lord.

You see, we shouldn’t be working for ourselves. A biblical perspective of work is that we serve the Lord and serve others. We should do our jobs as if we’re working for the Lord, not some earthly boss.

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