Red and Yellow, Black and White?

A Biblical View of “Race”

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This is Ken Ham, author of the eye-opening book, Six Days and church compromise.


The chorus of a popular Christian children’s song goes like this, “Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight.” Now, while all are precious in God’s sight, there are no truly “red and yellow” or “black and white” people.

You see, all have different amounts of the main pigment—melanin, which is brown. How much we have is largely determined by our genetics. Some people have genes to make a small amount of melanin, so they’re light brown. Others produce a lot, and are very dark brown. But we’re all basically brown—just different shades of it.

So, let’s teach our kids instead to say, “Shades of brown from dark to light, all are precious in his sight.”

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