It’s Not the World God Made!

This Isn’t the World God Made!

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This is Ken Ham, editor of the apologetic series of books, The New Answers Books.


Our world is filled with beauty—and ugliness. So much life—and yet so much death. Why is the world like this?

Well, this isn’t the world God made. The Book of Genesis tells us God created a perfect world. This “very good” creation was free from death and suffering. It was a perfect paradise.

But something changed. Adam rebelled against God, and his action brought death and suffering. All of creation now groans because of mankind’s sin.

But that’s not the end! Jesus, the God-man, took our penalty of death on the Cross, so we could be saved. Someday those who trust Christ will live forever in a new heaven and new earth—where there’ll be no more death or suffering.

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