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Work—It’s a Good Thing!

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This is Ken Ham, and our popular life-size Noah’s Ark is located in Northern Kentucky.


Yesterday we learned that work is a good thing. We were created to work. But we know from experience that work is often very hard—and not always rewarding. It doesn’t seem like a good thing sometimes. Why is this?

Well, Genesis tells us that after sin, the ground was cursed to punish Adam. Now, thorns and thistles, for example, now made Adam’s job of caring for creation more difficult. We’ve been fighting these “thorns and thistles” ever since.

In fact, the Book of Romans tells us that all of creation groans from the Fall. Work is hard because of sin and the Curse!

But that doesn’t mean work is all bad. It still has a remnant of its original “very good” design. More about that tomorrow.

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