Babel Explains Our Differences

A Biblical View of “Race”

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Part 4



This is Ken Ham, encouraging churches to start their thinking with God’s Word.


Now you’ve heard of so-called “black and white” twins? That’s where one is fair-skinned and the other is dark-skinned? People are often shocked by this and ask, “How could people be so different?”

But, as we’ve seen all week, biologically and biblically we’re all one race.

The reason people groups look a little different is because of the events at the Tower of Babel.

You see, shortly after the Flood, God judged mankind’s sin by confusing their languages forcing them to spread out and fill the earth. Different language families took different genetic combinations. Characteristics such as skin shade for example. Over time, different people groups and cultures developed, but we all go back to Adam and Eve.

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