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Is Jesus God?

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Part 7



This is Ken Ham, coauthor of the book on the case against racism, One Race One Blood.


All this week we’re continuing our series on who the Bible says Jesus is. We’ve seen that the Bible teaches he is God in the flesh. He is not just a man or a good teacher—he is fully God. The early church of the New Testament knew this, and that’s why they prayed to Jesus.

In the Old Testament, people “called on” God. In the New Testament, Stephen called out to Jesus as he was being stoned. The Apostle Paul says Christians are those who “call on the name of our Lord Jesus,” and Peter tells people to “call on” Jesus to be saved. Jesus even tells his disciples to pray to him.

Prayer is to be addressed to God alone. By praying to Jesus, the early church showed they believed he was God.

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