“My Lord and My God”

Is Jesus God?

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Part 5



This is Ken Ham, heading up the ministry that built a life-size Noah’s Ark south of Cincinnati.


Yesterday we learned that Jesus said he was God, and the Jewish leaders tried to stone him for it. So, what did Jesus’ closest friends and followers say about him?

The Apostle Peter, one of the three men closest to Jesus, wrote that he was “our God and Savior.” John, who was called Jesus’ beloved, said he was the “Alpha and Omega” and “the first and the last.” These titles apply only to God.

Jesus’ half-brother James, who was an unbeliever at first, described Jesus as “the Lord of glory.” And the Apostle Thomas called Jesus “my Lord and my God.”

These men were willing to suffer and die for proclaiming Jesus as Lord. He proved it by rising from the dead.

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