Will We Ever Find Noah’s Ark

Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

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This is Ken Ham, the president of the ministry behind the Answers Bible Curriculum.


All this week we have looked at potential sightings of Noah’s Ark and found they aren’t very convincing. So, will we ever find Noah’s Ark?

Well, Genesis says the Ark landed “on the mountains of Ararat.” That is a huge area. It could have come to rest anywhere in this massive range. The Ark might not even be around anymore.

Noah and his family may have repurposed large amounts of the lumber for such things as firewood or building projects.

Wooden structures, even if covered with pitch, don’t last very long without regular upkeep. The Ark has likely decayed away in four and half thousand years.

So, it is not likely we will find the Ark. But is that a problem? Tune in tomorrow.

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