Trusting the Wisdom of God

Was There a Historical Adam?

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Part 3



This is Ken Ham, heading up the ministry that built a full-size Noah’s Ark south of Cincinnati.


For the last few days we have been looking at the historicity of Adam. We have seen that the Bible is very clear that Adam was historical—the gospel is even founded on this fact! So why do so many Christians deny his historicity?

I claim that it is because they have chosen to accept the wisdom of the world over God’s wisdom. Instead of trusting that God accurately and clearly recorded for us—in his Word—what happened in the past, they have decided to put their faith in man’s sinful, fallible ideas. And they have adjusted the Bible to fit them. But when man’s ideas inevitably change—yet again—they will have to change the Bible!

Our faith shouldn’t lie in man’s ideas. We need to trust God’s Word.

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