Is the Ark on Mount Ararat?

Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

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This is Ken Ham, coauthor of the new book on Noah’s Flood, A Flood of Evidence.


Many people have looked for Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in modern-day Turkey. But, is this even the right place to look?

Well, Genesis says the Ark landed “on the mountains of Ararat,” not specifically on Mt. Ararat. Actually, there are good reasons to believe Noah’s Ark never even landed on Mt. Ararat itself. Underneath the mount are thousands of feet of Flood sediments which were, of course, laid down during the Flood. But Mt. Ararat is a volcano, and it wasn’t formed until after the Flood. So, it’s very unlikely this is the mountain the Ark landed on. And, if it were, the Ark would be buried under volcanic ash.

So where is the Ark? Stay tuned for more!

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