Have Pieces of the Ark Been Found?

Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

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This is Ken Ham, editor of the popular series for children, The Answers Book for Kids.


Yesterday we looked at two popular Noah’s Ark sites and learned they are probably just geological formations. But what about other claims that beams from the actual ship have been found?

Well, one man said he saw a beam from the Ark and a dark object under the ice. He even brought a piece of the beam back with him. But this wood is only as old as the time of Jesus. Some members of the expedition say the man bought the wood on the way up the mountain.

Another team claimed to find an object high up one mountain that looked like blackened, petrified wood. But geologists believe it’s just a common rock formation, not wood at all.

So, will we ever find the Ark? Find out tomorrow!

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