Do We Need to Find Noah’s Ark?

Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

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This is Ken Ham, and the Ark Encounter attraction is now open in Northern Kentucky.


We have learned this week that it is not likely Noah’s Ark still exists. But we don’t actually need to find the Ark.

You see, the Bible’s history is true even if we never find the remains of the giant ship. And it isn’t likely that it would convince many people the Bible’s true even if we did find it. After all, Jesus said people wouldn’t believe even if someone rose from the dead and that is exactly what has happened!

Many people already ignore the mountains of evidence for the Flood they have seen in the rock layers and fossils around the world. The rocks “cry out” with evidence for the truth of God’s Word. Yet people suppress the truth in unrighteousness and are willingly ignorant. It is a spiritual issue!

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