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Every Christian Should Be a Creationist

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Part 3



This is Ken Ham, whose ministry has produced the family friendly Answers Bible Curriculum.


We are looking at 10 reasons every Christian should be a creationist.

Number three: we must be rooted in the Word of God.

In the New Testament, Paul warns against being blown around by every doctrine that comes and goes. If we accept man’s word as truth, this will happen. Every time we turn on the news, we must reevaluate what God’s Word says and modify it to fit the newest claims by scientists.

But if we start with the perspective of the Bible, that God’s Word is true, we can be firmly rooted in truth. The godless ideas of man will be blown away.

Instead of allowing man to be our authority, we need put our faith in the eyewitness Creator who never lies … and trust in His Word.

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