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Every Christian Should Be a Creationist

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Part 8



This is Ken Ham, co-author of the new book on Noah’s Flood and the Ark, A Flood of Evidence.


Why should Christians be creationists? For the past several days we have been looking at 10 reasons why. Here is number eight:

Jesus died physically and rose from the dead physically. Now, if life evolved over millions of years, then death existed before man sinned. And the punishment for sin isn’t physical death. So why did Jesus have to come and physically die?

Jesus’ physical death demands a physical Adam and Eve who physically rebelled against God. The Apostle Paul mentions this several times in his writings.

We can look forward to a day when death will be no more because Jesus came and physically paid the penalty for our sin. And then He physically rose again. Someday we will be physically raised with Him.

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