God's Handiwork Seen in Frog Spit?

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This is Ken Ham, on a mission to call the church back to God’s Word.


I’m sure most of us haven’t thought much about frog spit. But our Creator did!

Frogs shoot out their tongues five times faster than you or I can blink. They catch flies, spiders, and even mice. Their tongues are softer than marshmallows, which allows them to spread and curl around prey.

Now, their tongues then secrete saliva, but here is where it gets really amazing. Frog spit starts out thick and, upon contacting prey, it thins out to fill the tiny cracks of the insect. Then it thickens up again, allowing the frog to have a better grip. And all this happens in just a blink.

There is no way something this complex evolved over millions of years. Yes, frog spit declares our Creator’s glory!

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