A Combination of Traits

The Intricacies of Flight

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Part 5



This is Ken Ham, coauthor of the book on why young people are leaving the church, Already Gone.


Flight is an incredibly complex process. It involves a combination of unique traits in birds, all working together at the same time. Now we have seen this week that birds need special lungs, hollow bones, feathers, and a unique muscle arrangement. But there is more!

A bird could have all those things and still not be able to fly if it didn’t have a tail. This tail must have a muscle attached that can move or the bird won’t fly properly.

All of these features work together with a nervous system that tells each part what to do. You can’t have select pieces of a bird’s anatomy evolving at different times. Everything needs to be fully formed and functioning right from the beginning, just as the book of Genesis teaches.

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