We Can’t Save Ourselves!

From Adam to Christ

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This is Ken Ham, an Aussie transplant with a passion for God’s Word and the gospel.


All through the Old Testament, we see that people can’t live up to God’s law. Adam and Eve, living in the perfect, original creation, rebelled. And their descendants were so wicked God had to destroy the world with a global Flood.

Now Noah’s descendants had to be forced to obey God’s command to spread around the world. Abraham’s children, the Israelites, disobeyed God time and time again. Eventually they were judged by Assyria and Babylon.

Now the Old Testament teaches that we can’t save ourselves! We need the Last Adam; Christ. Only the God-man could fully live up to God’s law and provide the perfect substitute for our sins. Praise God, Jesus died on the Cross for us!

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