From Adam to Christ

From Adam to Christ

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This is Ken Ham, inviting you to have an encounter with God’s Word at the Ark Encounter.


During the Christmas season, many people focus only on the events of Matthew and Luke. But the road to Bethlehem started four thousand years before these events. It started back in the Garden of Eden.

Adam was the first man God created. God commanded him not to eat from a certain tree in the Garden of Eden or he would die. Adam’s wife was deceived by the serpent; Adam listened to his wife, rebelled against God, and ate the fruit. His actions brought sin . . . and death . . . into creation. We all die because of our sin in Adam . . . and our continued sin.

But in the midst of this, we see the hope of a Savior. God promised a Seed was coming that would crush the serpent’s head, Jesus Christ!

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