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This is Ken Ham, president of the the full-size Noah’s Ark now open in Northern Kentucky.


Today in America it is “National Freedom Day,” a time set aside to remember and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. But days like today should also serve as sobering reminders that religious freedom is under increasing attack in this nation.

We live in a culture that has become very secular. The foundation of God’s Word has largely been replaced with man’s ideas. Now sadly, those who boldly stand on the truth of God’s Word are increasingly being punished for their beliefs. Secularists often claim to be tolerant of everyone, except for one thing: they are only tolerant of those who agree with them. If you disagree with them—watch out!

Religious freedom is under attack.

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Ken Ham is the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-US, the highly acclaimed Creation Museum, and the world-renowned Ark Encounter. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.

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