Unbiblical Presuppositions

Is Nature the 67th Book of the Bible?

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This is Ken Ham, author, and speaker on science and the trustworthiness of God’s Word.


As we learned yesterday, some Christians view a study of nature as being on the same level as God’s Word. But can we look to nature as an objective source for God’s truth?

When we look to nature as a source of truth, we can come to false conclusions. That is because we start with mistaken assumptions. You see, when we study nature without the infallible history found in the Bible, we don’t have the proper framework for understanding history. Instead we are looking to our own wisdom . . . and preconceptions . . . for truth.

Nature can teach us some things about God, and we should study it for His glory. But it is not the Bible. Only God’s Word provides an objective starting point for our thinking to correctly understand the world.

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