Same World, Different Interpretation

Surprising Similarities

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Part 4



This is Ken Ham, author, of the popular book on evolution and the church, The Lie.


If we could go back to the world before the Flood, it would look a lot different than it does today! Originally, there weren’t seven continents. There was just one landmass—and it broke apart during the Flood. Now this explains the sediment layers that stretch between continents. Now, evolutionists also agree there was only one landmass in the past. But they believe it took millions of years for the continents to drift apart.

As we have seen all week, creationists and evolutionists, they observe the same world, rock layers, and fossils; but we come to totally different conclusions because of our different starting points.

So, it is not a battle over the evidence! It is really a battle over God’s Word versus man’s word.

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