The Genesis of the Gospel

Christian Theology—Founded in Genesis

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Part 5



This is Ken Ham, and our full-size Ark is now open south of Cincinnati, Ohio.


All this week we have seen that important Christian doctrines are grounded in the literal history in Genesis. Now some things we looked at were: sin, Jesus’ death and Resurrection, and the coming new heavens and new earth. All of these are elements of the gospel!

This gospel itself is grounded in Genesis. Without that literal history, there is no gospel!

That is why I am so passionate about biblical authority. You see, it is ultimately not about creation versus evolution. It is about the authority of God’s Word.

We can trust God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, so we can trust the doctrines that are grounded in Genesis—such as the gospel!

So, don’t let anyone tell you Genesis is just a side issue—it is related to the gospel.

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