Why Be Moral?

Flaws in an Atheistic Worldview

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This is Ken Ham, whose ministry has produced the family-friendly Answers Bible Curriculum.


As creationists, we are often falsely accused of deceiving people. But, in an atheistic worldview, why is lying even wrong?

Atheism provides no foundation for morality. If we just evolved . . . and we are basically animals . . . why should we behave any different from animals? No one holds a lion accountable for killing gazelle . . . or an eagle for killing fish. That is just what animals do. So why do atheists hold humans to a different standard than animals when they believe that is all we are?

Well, we are not just animals. We have been made separate from the animals, in God’s image, and we are accountable to our Creator. Apart from the God of the Bible, there is no foundation for morality and absolute standards.

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