Where Did Matter Come From?

Flaws in an Atheistic Worldview

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This is Ken Ham, head of the ministry building a full-size Ark south of Cincinnati, Ohio.


One puzzle for evolutionists to solve is the origin of matter. It can’t be eternal. At some point something had to create the matter we have today.

During our debate, TV’s Bill Nye “the Science Guy” was asked where the first atoms came from. His answer was it is “a great mystery.” Actually, there really isn’t a satisfactory secular answer to this question of the origin of atoms. And yet evolutionists confidently talk about the history of the universe when they can’t even explain where most of it came from!

An evolutionary worldview can’t answer this question, but there is a Book that can. In the very first chapter of the Bible, we are told where all matter came from: In the beginning, God created.

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