How to Anchor Any Homeschool Curriculum to the 7 C’s

by Taylor Browning on May 13, 2024

The 7 C’s framework is a useful tool to ground your students in a biblical worldview. It quickly sums up the key biblical events that affected (or will affect) human history. Students of all ages can easily understand and memorize the 7 C’s. Think of this framework as comparable to a tool for the fastest medical diagnosis in the world— students can establish the when and where, diagnose why something is the way it is, and identify the solution.

You can anchor any curriculum to the 7 C’s by asking the questions WHEN and WHY and having your students answer using the 7 C’s.

  • When does this take place on the 7 C’s timeline?
  • Which of the 7 C’s explains why [fill in the blank]

Consider the following examples:

Bible Curriculum

Your student has a unit on the life of Abraham.

Abraham lived between Confusion and Christ. Abraham descended from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah who survived Catastrophe and whose family was dispersed at Confusion. The promise made to Abraham that all the families of the world would be blessed through him was fulfilled in Jesus’ sacrifice for sin (Cross). The reason humans needed a Savior in the first place is sin (Corruption).

Q: When did Abraham live? A: Between Confusion and Christ

Q: How did God fulfill the promise that he made to Abraham that all the families of the world would be blessed through him? A: Cross

Q: Why was there a need for the promise of a Savior? A: Corruption

History Curriculum

Your student has a lesson on William Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery.

William Wilberforce lived between Cross and Consummation. He fought for the freedom of slaves because all humans are made in the image of God (Creation). The sinful nature humans inherited from Corruption explains why there are evil things like slavery in the world. The origin of different languages, cultures, and ethnic groups that divide us (Confusion) also reminds us that we are one race descended from Adam then Noah. In Christ, we are all equal—sinners set free from sin through the Cross—and we are given the hope of an eternal future at Consummation.

Q: When did William Wilberforce live? A: Between Cross and Consummation

Q: Why are there evil things like slavery in the world? A: Corruption

Q: How do we know that all humans are made in God’s image? A: Creation

Q: How do we know that there is only one race of humans? A: Creation and Confusion

Q: How can we be set free from slavery to sin? A: Cross

Q: Who makes us all equal? A: Christ

English Curriculum

You have one student learning grammar and another student reading about Greek mythology.

The foundation of language itself comes from the God who used words to create the world at Creation. Our ability to think, speak, and write comes from him. He is known as “the Word” who became flesh (Christ). Multiple languages were imposed upon mankind at Confusion. The mythologies around the world have similarities because the knowledge of life before and after Catastrophe was passed down through generations, resulting in myths and legends over time. God has preserved true accounts of history in his Word.

Q: Where did the ability to think, speak, and write come from? A: Creation

Q: Who is the Word? A: Christ

Q: Where did different languages and cultures originate? A: Confusion

Q: Why do the mythologies of the world have such similarities? A: Knowledge of life before and after Catastrophe was passed down through generations.

Math Curriculum

Your student is learning the Pythagorean theorem in geometry.

God created the universe with order and logic at Creation. Even though the events at Confusion caused humans to disperse, the logic of math spans language and culture. Denying logic to suit emotions, as is common today, is a result of suppressing the truth. Elevating logic to the status of God is what Pythagoras did, which is giving credit to the created rather than the Creator. Because humans are sinful (Corruption), incorrect views of math and logic can arise, but the foundation of math is truth, which comes from our Creator God.

Q: Why is there order and logic in the universe? A: Creation

Q: Why is there a denial of order and logic? A: Corruption

Science Curriculum

Your student has a unit on fossils.

The fossil layers were created by the worldwide cataclysmic flood (Catastrophe) that changed the appearance of the entire planet. We can make scientific observations of the universe because it was designed at Creation with order and logic. Many of the fathers of modern science looked for order in the universe because they knew there was a Creator. Operational science involves making theories and performing tests in an effort to understand how the universe works, but science is fallible because humans are fallible (Corruption). Because of God’s promise to mankind after Catastrophe, we can know that the earth will continue in its cycles until God remakes it at Consummation.

Q: Why is the universe orderly and logical? A: Creation

Q: Which event created the fossil layers? A: Catastrophe

Q: How do we know that we cannot always trust science? A: Science is fallible because humans are fallible due to Corruption.

Q: How do we know that the earth will continue in its cycles until God remakes it? A: God promised mankind after Catastrophe that earth’s cycles would continue.

Q: When will God create a new heavens and new earth? A: Consummation

As you can see from these examples, you can tie the 7 C’s into any curriculum and subject, bringing everything back to the truth of God’s Word.

To help your students learn and practice applying the 7 C’s, consider the following resources:

  • 7 C’s of History Expanded Timeline: This 40" x 18" poster builds on the original 7 C’s Timeline to include key biblical events in the Bible’s history. Intended for students in grades 1–3, the timeline allows students to add new information to their understanding of the historicity of the Bible as they progress through different age/grade levels. Includes reusable icon cling stickers.

  • Bible Investigators: Join Bible Investigators Kayla and Patrick, along with their trusty canine sidekick Clueford, as they learn the Seven C’s of History. Discover the major events of biblical history from Genesis to Revelation. Then uncover the truth about why each event is important today. Dig into deep questions about who made everything, why bad things happen, and why Jesus came to earth.


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