Women’s College: Don’t Call Students “Women”

by Ken Ham on March 26, 2018
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In a culture completely unhinged from the truth of God’s Word, we’re increasingly seeing a Western society disconnected from reality and behaving absolutely foolishly. We’re really seeing Romans chapter 1 play out before our eyes: “claiming to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22). A recent news item highlights this growing absurdity: “Women’s College Instructs Professors Not to Call Students ‘Women.’

A Women’s College but Not All Women?

Professors at a women’s college in Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, have been instructed not to refer to their students as “women.” Instead they are to use the gender-neutral term “students.” Reportedly, they have also been asked not to refer to “the two genders,” male and female.

Why? The acting president of the school says, “As we know not every Mount Holyoke student identifies as a woman.” So a guide was created by the school to help promote a “gender neutral” environment—at a women’s college!

Ironically, according to Fox News, the school’s website encourages students to “imagine if every day were International Women’s Day. Meet Mount Holyoke” and points out that this school was founded “by a woman!” They simply can’t be consistent! And we’re increasingly seeing this throughout the culture. The new gender ideology is not internally consistent.

And the college recognizes what it means to be born biologically a female, but they say that those who were not born a female can come to the school if they believe they are meant to be female. This is an example of the utter foolishness of those who reject the truth of God’s Word.

Why even have a women’s college if there’s really no such thing as women?

Why even have a women’s college if there’s really no such thing as women? What is the point?

But when we start with God’s Word, we see there are two sexes: male and female. That’s how God created us (Genesis 1:27), and we don’t have the authority to redefine what God has created.

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  • Gender-neutral baby names are on the rise.
  • Should secular humanists serve as military chaplains?
  • Can platypus milk help us fight bacterial infections?
  • And more!

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