One-Year Anniversary of the Nye-Ham Debate

by Dr. Georgia Purdom on February 2, 2015

The famous Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate occurred one year ago this week inside the Creation Museum. It was watched live by several million people and later by millions of others on YouTube and a special DVD. Not only did I have the privilege of helping prepare Ken for the debate, but I also conducted a post-debate analysis with Ken. We revealed how Bill Nye never really addressed the debate question—“Is creation a viable scientific model in today’s scientific era?”

In particular Bill Nye—to this day—refuses to acknowledge the distinction between historical science and observational science. As a scientist, I found Nye’s arguments to be very deceptive. He consistently confused the two types of science, not acknowledging that historical science deals with the past and is not observable, testable, or repeatable and very dependent on a person’s worldview. I appreciated that Ken focused on the real issue when it comes to origins—who is the ultimate authority: God or man? Ken’s main point was well encompassed by his now infamous response to Bill Nye, “There is a book.” I also appreciated Ken’s devotion to sharing the gospel (which he did several times during the debate), as this is the whole point of creation apologetics.

The following is an interview between Mark Looy, CCO of Answers in Genesis–US and the person who got Nye to agree to debate and then organized the event, and Ken about the one-year anniversary of this debate that ended up on the nation’s cultural radar.

This interview captures the passion and heart of Ken and the ministry of Answers in Genesis. It’s a frank and open conversation about the debate, Bill Nye, and our heart. You will enjoy this special one-year anniversary discussion. If you have not yet watched this historic debate, be sure to order a copy of the unedited DVD with the bonus post-debate discussion featuring me and Ken, or view the debate on our website.


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