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I didn’t have to get on a plane last weekend. I spoke four times at Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Township, Ohio, which is only 40 miles from home.

This church is really behind the ministry of Answers in Genesis. Many church members told me that they have visited the Creation Museum multiple times. Quite a few had plans to bring their children and/or grandchildren back to the museum this summer.

One particular conversation stands out about the weekend. A mother and her two teenage sons came to the morning sessions. One of the boys spent his own money to get a copy of the New Answers Book 1 and apparently spent most of the afternoon reading it. When evening came, the boy surprised his mother by asking if they could go back to the church for the evening sessions. The lady told us, “When my oldest son says we need to go back tonight and hear him talk, that means something.”

Let’s all pray that the Lord continues to work in the lives of these young men.

I’m off to California this weekend, so it’s back to the airport very early tomorrow morning.

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