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A few days ago, I got an encouraging email from one of the OT professors on the Grand Canyon trip last year. I had asked all the men on that trip to share any ways that they have been helped by the resources we sent them after the trip. This man replied:

Good to hear from you. Coming to Grips with Genesis is a constant reference material for me now. I had read it before the 2010 Grand Canyon trip, and it is a most scholarly written book. Thank you so much for your part in putting it together. It is a recommended book by me now. Also, The Battle for the Beginning by MacArthur was a good read. I have watched many of the DVDs and read some, if not all, of the other material as well, having particularly enjoyed Thousands...Not Billions. I "check-in" on the website of frequently and do some research there on questions I have or that have been asked me. What a wonderful source of information at the fingertips! I am reading through the Answers books at this time.
After this opening paragraph, he then told me about three questions that have come up after he has taught on Genesis recently. He wanted my help in answering them, which I gladly did. It is exciting to see what speaking at his seminary in October 2009 and then his participation in the Grand Canyon trip has done in his life. He is so excited about the truth of God’s Word and is influencing many who, like him in the past, have been led to embrace the compromised view of the gap theory.

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support that makes possible this ministry to scholars and key Christian leaders.


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